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Step 2: What Weight Rug Do You Need?

Heavy Weight 

Heavyweight rugs have between 300g to 450g fill. These are the ultimate winter rugs used to keep your horse warm during very cold weather and are most ideal for keeping clipped horses comfortable. See more HERE.

Heavy Weight Turnout

Medium Weight 

Medium weight rugs have between 100g to 250g fill. They are designed to provide warmth during the cooler months as well as protection from rain and dirt. Horses living outdoors that are not clipped and grow thick winter coats such as sturdier native breeds like Connemaras, Clydesdales, Mountain Ponies etc will not need a rug over 200g fill. See more of our medium rugs HERE

Medium Weight Turnout

Light Weight 

Lightweight rugs usually have less than 100g fill and are used to protect your horse from rain or dirt in the summer months and early autumn. See more HERE. 



Light Weight Turnout
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