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Turnout Rug

Turnout rugs are designed to keep your horse warm and dry outdoors. If your horse is turned out to a field or lives outdoors, a turnout rug will keep them comfortable and protected. CLICK HERE for more info.

Turnout Rugs

Stable Rug

For horses that are stabled and do not have the freedom to move around enough to keep themselves warm, a stable rug provides the warmth needed to keep them comfortable. CLICK HERE for more info. 

Stable Rugs

Rug Liner

The Horseware Liner System is a simple and flexible system offering horse owners the ability to build a transeasonal rug that can be adapted to reflect the seasonal rugging needs. This layering system gives superior insulation properties without the need for two rugs. CLICK HERE for further explanation on rug liners.

Rug Liners

Cooler Rugs

Cooler rugs are versatile and multifunctional rugs designed to aid the regulation of your horse's body temperature. These rugs are most commonly used to help your horse cool gradually after exercise, to maintain a comfortable body temperature while traveling, and to dry a horse quicker after being bathed while preventing them from getting a chill. To view our range of cooler rugs CLICK HERE.

Cooler Rug

Exercise Sheet

Exercise sheets are designed to protect horses from the cold and the rain during exercise. They are made from a light material and are fitted over or around the horse's tack. Exercise rugs are often used during cold or wet weather, to provide high visibility or just after a horse has been clipped. To view our range of exercise sheets CLICK HERE


Coolers & Sheets

Therapy Rug

Explore our range of horse therapy rugs used for enhancing your horse's overall health and performance. Our rugs are used for various benefits of healing, including improved circulation, lymphatic support, and reduced stiffness and soreness. CLICK HERE for more info. 

Therapy Rugs

Fly Rugs

The main purpose of fly rugs is to protect your horse during warmer weather from flies and biting insects. CLICK HERE to view our fly rugs. 

Fly Rugs
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